He liked her with long hair so she cut it short.

-Six Word Story by Pien Pouwels  (via forlornes)

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this would look really cool in a horror film, all from the recordings of an iphone or something, ends on a cliff-hanger then the battery dies

OK SO LET ME TELL YOU A STORY which basically boils down to MY CAMERA DOES THIS.
Well not all the time but enough times for it to be worrying.
The first time I was taking pictures up in the mountains near where I lived and I was taking a landscape shot near this creepy door that just stands alone in the middle of nowhere, and it flashed up “blink detected” and put a square over apparently nothing.
The second time I was urban exploring in a fucking abandoned hospital and it came up with the face detected square twice, once outside and once in a dark hallway, and one of those times there was apparently a blink detected.
The third time I was urban exploring in an abandoned village and I took a photo of the back garden of one of the abandoned houses and yup, “faces were detected in this image”. 
I’m at least 110% convinced I have a magic camera. It sees dead people.

Y’all fuckers are out here exploring abandoned villages and shit and wondering why you’re seeing ghosts

This is sum scary ass shit.